Our History

Al-Khomri Company conducted a special study prepared by a group of specialists on the historical monuments in Makkah and Madinah, in order to acquaint the guests of Al-Rahman with them on the ground.


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Our Vision

To remain a strong competitor in the service of the guests of Al-Rahman in the city of the Messenger, peace be upon him, and to invest a large part of our capabilities in this area.

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#We are all responsible Part of the participation of Abdullah Khomri and his sons with # Ministry of Health, in response to the nation's call to contribute to transfers between hotels and regions used for quarantine # Corona # Stay at home # The General Union of Cars

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The Ministry of Health and under the umbrella of the General Union of Cars in response to the call of the nation to contribute to the transfer of the remaining pilgrims from the Pakistani nationality to their country with ease and ease of ease # Stay in the home # The General Union of Cars

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Abdullah Khomri and sons company opened one of its hotels in the central area of ​​Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah in response to the call of the country and made it at the disposal of # Ministry of Health to confront # Corona virus

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About Us

The Company providing services in Hotels and Resorts, Transportation,Umrah Services,Travel and Tourism etc. The Company's objective is to ensure that the highest levels of service are provided to the guests of Al-Rahman and that they enjoy the performance of their Hajj activities easily while they are in the Kingdom, in addition to the presence of special services and programs for VIPs and businessmen, which has always made us a pioneer in comparison with other companies and institutions in the field. Our Company is committed to providing the finest all services to achieve its interests and satisfy its customers.